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What is the difference between broadloom and tile?

Broadloom is the description of wide width (broad) carpet or roll goods, normally manufactured 3.66, 3.81 or 4.00m wide. Carpet tile is produced in a modular format, i.e. squares 500 x 500mm, with an attached backing for strength and stability.

Are all of your products available in carpet tile?

No, only certain products can be produced successfully in a modular format. It depends on the pattern and construction of the carpet. To produce a quality carpet tile we want to see that the product will join easily and can be installed to achieve a broadloom effect. Some of our newer textured loops can also be successfully installed by quarter turning the tile when it is laid to provide a checkerboard effect.

I am working on an office project, do I have to use carpet tile?

Not necessarily. If you have a raised floor system for cable management and the floor panels are going to be uplifted on a regular basis, carpet tile is the only answer. But if you have a solid floor with floor boxes or perimeter cable, there is no reason why you can’t use broadloom carpet.

Is there a difference in cost between carpet tile and broadloom?

Yes, on an equal specification (ie. same weight and construction) the broadloom product will be cheaper. When manufacturing a carpet tile there will be waste when the module is cut from sheet material, plus additional costs for an attached backing.

If I change the colour of the carpet, will there be a charge for this?

No, most of our broadloom ranges are piece dyed and can be recoloured for as little as 50sqm. When we manufacture a custom carpet there is a production overage of up to 5%, which we would expect the customer to take. Also included in this service is the production of colour samples, which normally takes a couple of weeks.

If I specify a wool carpet, am I getting a better product?

10 years ago, this might have been the case, but the latest nylon yarns from Invista have been engineered for commercial use and completely out-perform wool, which is really a domestic fibre. Yarns like Antron Legacy and Lumena carry comprehensive performance warranties and have life of the carpet static protection.

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