Spotting and Staining

Most stains can be avoided or removed by immediate or at least daily spot treatment. If not, they can become permanent stains.

It is good basic housekeeping to have spot and stain removal products and equipment on hand for immediate use. A carpet care specialist can recommend appropriate products for most common spills.

If the nature of the spill is unknown start with clean warm water or a mild crystallising carpet cleaning shampoo. If the stain persists, a specialised spot cleaning product should be used.

Cleaning products should first be checked for colour fastness on a hidden area of the carpet. Never use bleach (or bleach containing products) unless specifically authorised by the carpet manufacturer.

Liquid Spills

Remove large quantities of liquids with a wet vacuum cleaner or sponge. Always work towards the centre of the spill – do not rub! Blot small amounts with a clean white paper towel or white cloth. Apply clean warm water or carpet cleaning shampoo, and then if necessary a spot cleaning product. Rinse with clean water a place white paper towels over the treated area to absorb moisture. When dry, the carpet should be thoroughly vacuumed to restore the pile.

Semi-solid and greasy spills

Use a spoon or a knife to gently scrape off the spill. if it cannot be removed with warm water or shampoo, use the appropriate spot cleaning agent or call a carpet specialist.

A trained person assigned to the task of daily stain removal can usually deal with 90% of stains (such as beverages, food spills oil and greases). The remainder (such as nail varnish, paint and shoe polish etc.) will require the services of a professional cleaner.

Cleaning Products And Cleaning Recommendations

Never use bleach or bleach containing products unless specifically authorised by the carpet manufacturer.

Carpet shampoos can be anionic, non-ionic or combinations thereof and should be neutral to slightly acidic with a maximum pH of 8.

Crystallising carpet cleaning shampoos should always be used to avoid the risk of rapid resoiling from detergent residues left on the pile fibre.

Use cleaning agents sparingly and according to manufacturer’s recommendations. This will protect your carpet installation and minimise possible odours.

Never walk on a wet or moist carpet. Allow carpet to dry completely and vacuum thoroughly if possible using a pile lifter.


Detergent                                A crystallising carpet shampoo will avoid premature resoiling. One tablespoonful to one litre of water

Ammonia                                Clear household ammonia. Two tablespoonfuls to one litre of water.

Vinegar                                    Pure white vinegar. Two tablespoonfuls to one litre of water.

Solvent                                     Dry-cleaning solvent (spot remover)

Blotting material                   Clean white cloth or white paper towel.


Never use bleach or bleach-containing cleaning products. Cleaning products should always be kept out of reach of children.