While a number of factors generally influence commercial carpet performance, the type of fibre used in the carpet is the single most important element.

Carpets made from Antron® are very hardwearing and give lasting good as new appearance, excellent resilience, maximum wear resistance and optimum dirt-repellent properties. In a carpet, this results in excellent wear properties.

Wear resistance/good-as-new appearance

Antron® carpets, with the tight molecular structure of the polyamide 6.6 fibres, have outstanding wear resistance and keep their appearance for a long time.

Low soiling

Due to the high fibre crystallinity of the Polyamide 6.6, all Antron® fibres are so hard that it is difficult for dirt particles to penetrate the surface. This prevents dirt adherence and allows dirt to be effectively removed by vacuum cleaning.

Heat resistance

The DIN 4102 B1 building materials class and/or the EN 13501-1 B, C classes of reaction to fire are the highest for textile floor coverings and are achieved more easily with Antron® fibres than with other synthetic fibres.


Antron® yarns contain fine, conductive polyamide fibres that protect against electrostatic charges throughout the life of the carpet.

Antron® quality assurance programme

All types of Antron® fibres and carpets are subjected to special tests that ensure good quality and wear properties.


Antron® is a registered trademark of INVISTA.